The Why

The "MANE" shirt was created out of Southern dialect but to be more specific, Memphis culture. Our culture does not sit comfortably within our Stateline, it is a national, if not worldwide understanding. The Blues, Saturday morning wrestling, Memphis State/University of Memphis NCAA tournament runs, Soul Food cuisine, and of course Elvis Presley. Memphians have global appeal, and the city is renown for distributing FedEx packages, fashion, food, and style to the masses. The "MANE" shirts, along with other cultural identifiers, are in line with who we are. Other cities probably say 'MAN" pronounced "MANE" as well, but this shirt is our way of taking ownership of it originating in our great metropolitan city on the mighty Mississippi River. Wherever you are in the world, if you hear someone say, "MANE", chances are they are from MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE. It’s a Memphis thang, Mane. Now, you understand. – THE WHY


Our goal and concept is to reveal to the world the fun, colorful style, images and linguistic terms Memphis and the mid-south has to offer. We will express and showcase those signature pieces that we share in the bluff city and beyond. Our smooth talking, grit n grinding persona has major appeal and influence across the globe. And from that we have brought to you subcultures that are amusing and a way of life both visitors & locals can own a piece of memphis wherever they go or live.